ONEPUNCH Music boxing machine


    Velcro Boxing Machine

    The vertical boxing machine is suitable for use in the gym, boxing gym, office, etc.


    recreational boxing

    Just follow the rhythm

    standalone app,boxing teachingAPP content includes warm-up training, novice teaching, straight boxing teaching, uppercut teaching, pace teaching, comprehensive teaching, etc.


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    Bluetooth connection

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    Q1.How to deal with velcro often falling off?

    A1:It is generally related to the material of the wall. The wall should be kept smooth and powder-free. The wall is not recommended to be hung. (Installation tips: Make sure that the Velcro on the hook surface is completely overlapped and pressed against the wall, and then hang the product on the hook surface after standing for five minutes.) We will send more Velcro for use.

    Q2:How does the device connect to self-test?

    A2:First, connect the adapter cable to the USB port at the bottom of the machine, and then plug in the adapter to connect to the power supply. Be sure to wait for the machine to complete the self-test before opening the app to connect to Bluetooth.


    Q3:Why can't bluetooth find the device?

    A3:First, confirm that the device link is correct, then confirm that the mobile phone location permission is turned on, and finally open the app to connect (if the search still cannot be found after the operation, unplug the socket and reconnect it twice)


    Q4:How does the device connect to the audio?

    A4:After the APP confirms that the device is connected to the Bluetooth, find your own audio device name in the Bluetooth settings of the mobile phone and link the audio.


    Q5:Why doesn't the light on the device come on when working?

    A5:(1) It may be a voltage problem, you can try to change the plug and reconnect

    (2) If you don't keep up with the rhythm, you can only respond when the device's guide light runs out.


    Q6:Why are there scratches on the device just received?

    A6:This is the weld line of injection molding, which is a normal phenomenon of the process and does not affect the quality and use.


    If you have any questions, please contact our